BVMD Select: Breast Lift

Check out the list of products that we recommend for patients undergoing this procedure below. You may also choose to browse our complete collection of products pertinent to recovery after a surgery by scrolling further down the page.

BellaVie MD Recovery Refined Kit

Based on the nature and the general extent of breast augmentation procedures, we recommend starting your surgical shopping experience with the BellaVieMD Recovery Refined Kit. Trusted by physicians and patients alike, our signature product includes products that are essential in helping ensure a smooth recovery process.



Compression Garments

The advantages of post surgical compression apparel are agreed upon almost universally among surgeons around the world. Compression garments apply constant and equal pressure to the area(s) of their intended use, which can benefit you in several different ways:

↑ Comfort
Compression minimizes the movement of damaged tissues, helping patients remain comfortable while relaxing or moving.

↑ Circulation ↓ Bruising and Swelling
Compression facilitates improved circulation, which minimizes the retention of fluids allowing for bruising and swelling to dissipate quicker.

↓ Complication ↓ Deformities
As mentioned above, compression facilitates circulation and fluid passage, which in turn, reduces the risk of blockages and complications. Simultaneously, by applying compression to affected areas, skin adhesion is improved and damaged tissues heal faster.

Based on your procedure selection, our recommended compression garments (right) are:

These have been chosen with consideration of which product(s) will provide the most balanced combination of compression strength, comfort and support for ideal results after your procedure.

Scar Care

If you have already undergone or are planning a breast augmentation, we urge that you browse our selection of scar refinement products (gels and adhesive sheets). Silagen is our top choice in scar refinement products. In fact, BellaVie MD includes Silagen Pure Gel (15g) - one of our favorite scar care products - in our BVMD Recovery Refined Kit. Nevertheless, we also urge you to explore the following products for scar refinement, as they must
be purchased separately.

There are several different approaches that can be taken to conduct the breast augmentation procedure. The approach determines both the type of incisions that will be made, and which scar care products you should purchase as you prepare.

Inframammary: This approach involves an incision under the breast, an alternative typically used to avoid the appearance of post-surgical scars on the armpit. This method is suitable for large implant insertion, as well as revision surgery and major correction.
Periareolar: This method involves an incision along the areola, which results in an inconspicuous scar around the edges of the areola.
Transaxillary: An endoscopic method for the insertion of the implants, which minimizes the damaging blood vessels and nerves. The recovery period is short, and no scars is visible around or on the breast. This method also allows for breast feeding after breast augmentation as it does not damage the mammary gland (milk duct).
Based on the surgical approach employed by your surgeon, you should consider the purchase of one of the following scar refinement products:

After undergoing a surgical procedure, body tissues and cells need extra nourishment to heal. Based on clinical research, it has been determined that several specific vitamins might help promote healing so you can quickly return to your usual daily routine. As stated above, we suggest that patients undergoing an breast augmentation purchase the BVMD RECOVERY SYSTEM, which
includes the BELLAVIEMD RAPID RECOVERY REGIMEN. This product has been crafted specifically to include the most comprehensive and potent array of nutrient support after surgery. There are other supplementation approaches that you may be interested in as well. The following information outlines the purposes and advantages of each such that you can further augment your recovery experience.

Probiotics Probiotics are used after surgical procedures to restore the balance of intestinal microflora, which is affected by the use of antibiotics prior to or after the procedure. Our recommendations for probiotic formulas include VitaMedica Probiotic-8 and VitaMedica Probiotic Pearls.
Laxatives: Laxatives may also prove useful after abdominoplasty, which typically accompanies several triggers for poor bowel movement and constipation following the procedure, including: the lack of mobility, the lack of proper nutrition and the use of pain killers. If you fall into this category, we recommend the purchase of VitaMedica Surgilax.

There are several products that we have categorized as "accessories," due to the nature of their application to the recovery process. After your breast augmentation procedure, the following accessories may alleviate the pain and discomfort that typically accompanies the recovery process. First, many surgeons recommend the use of Celeste Stein Compression Stockings, which are used after surgery to prevent blood clots developing in the legs, known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), due to the lack of mobility after a surgical procedure.
Second, you may also be interested in purchasing a Hot and Cold Therapy product. The application of cold packs is a common method used in the prevention and/or reduction of post operative swelling, while heat packs are often used to reduce discomfort and/or bruising. Although our Allure Shops Recovery Kits include Hot and Cold Therapy products, we urge that you consider the purchase of TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy in case you have decided not to purchase a kit.